'We are not what we think we are, but rather a compilation of texts. A compilation of histories, past present and future, always, shifting, adding, subtracting, gaining' Felix Gonzalez-Torres

The past has been a big influence throughout my practice. Not only from historical events, but also from my family’s background I gain inspiration to create work. I am born and raised in the Flemish part of Belgium. My parents were Khmer Rouge refugees.

I want to communicate with the viewer through historical events, knowing that every person has his own relationship with the past. Every person is writing his own story, but to understand this narrative we need to try to understand our antecedent. Consequently, our past is the key to our lives.

My paintings and drawings are a reflection on global issues such as enforced migration, identity, power, the absurdism of human actions. Philosophers like Jean Paul Sartre, who described freedom as complete and endless, but also acknowledged that this does not mean that freedom does not have any limits: although it may never meet these. The second philosopher I use as a source of inspiration is Albert Camus. He stated that the absurd helped to fill the emptiness of humanity.

All of my drawings are based on Indian ink, acrylic ink, water, sometimes also with oil paint, pieces of newspapers and thread. Whereby, I start with cutting out articles and pictures from newspapers: from that I start to draw.

For my paintings, I use oil paint, pencil, ink, charcoal, pigment powder, depends which painting,  because, some paintings were painted more controlled and were I started with a clear idea, whereby some paintings were painted more intuitive.

The drawings and paintings, have the same concept. However due to the medium the viewer will definitely experience two different worlds.